2018 Ministry Reports


20th Mission Trip to

Tizimin, Yucatan, Mexico

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June 2018  Celebration and Loss

Was a wonderful month as we ministered to and encouraged 1,101 people all over the Pinellas County Area, young and old sharing the Love of Jesus along with Salvation and healing prayers.

The Assisted Living Places are always fun times filled with smiles, as they sing along with me, their hands clapping and toes tapping to the joyful beat. It is amazing how they remember the songs and yet cannot tell you their favorite song. They usually say, “ I like them all!”

Homeless ministry is touching hurting people that are at the bottom and often quite sad. We offer them Hope and Help with a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is amazing to see them later and see the changes that have happened in their lives. They usually prefer not to have their photos taken in their broken condition.

Hospital visits, Rehab Centers and home visits are always plentiful. It is so nice to see them smile in the midst of their trials.

Praise and Worship – Mid-week gatherings are a lot of fun and offer a “pick me up” when we get weary. Singing the older songs we used to love that we seldom hear always bring a sweet smile to their countenance.

Reaching out and helping other people with random acts of kindness is a great joy. There are so many little things we can do for others that are such a blessing to them, and you receive warm fuzzies inside.

One sad note is that our beloved Pastor John A. Lloyd and the Founder of Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater, FL went to be with our Lord Jesus, June 16, 2018. He taught us so many good things, too many to number. He taught me how to Witness and win souls for the Kingdom of God. I have been a charter member there since 1988 when I went on my first mission trip and this year did my 20th mission trip thanks to his teaching us Christian Values. Thank you Pastor John Lloyd, we all love you and miss you very much… We will see you again one day.

And our Senior Pastors, Dr. T. John Thompson and his sweet wife, Pastor Susan Thompson have retired after numerous year of Service to C.C.C. and several other churches all over. Thank you, Dr. T and Susan. Enjoy your time now and relax. We honor and bless you both for all you have poured into our lives.

In the first 6 months of 2018 Enter In Ministries has touches 6,203 lives with the Love and Hope that can be theirs and for the wonderful changes to come in their future as they come to love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Love & Blessings, Linda

MAY 2018 - Busy, Busy Busy

May was a busy month we touched 1,039 lives with the Love of Jesus and prayer. May 3rd was the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER at Spectrum Baseball field. What a mighty night of prayer with pastors and their congregations
from ALL over North Pinellas County, which is North of Ulmerton Road.

The Pregnancy Center, “A Woman’s Place” under Sol Pitchon has 4 offices in the bay area, held their annual “Walk for Life.” They are pro-life and encourage the young women to keep their baby or they will help them to find loving parents who are qualified to adopt a baby. They even have their own fully equipped, medically staffed birthing center. Enter In Ministries has been active with them for several years.

We bring joy into the Assisted Living Facilities with funny hats, their old favorite songs and the Gospel songs and prayer. Many of the residents never have any visitors. That is so sad and some have difficulty in remembering but the old songs cheer them up.

The Homeless Ministry brings the gospel, comfort and hope to the clients there. We are not allowed to take photos inside or of any of the people staying there. It is nice to see a smile come to their face. We share the “Smile Jesus Loves You tracts” with them and give Bibles to them if they promise to read it. Hopefully they will. To some it is a security blanket, but if it helps it is worth it.

Played the music for a dear friend’s mother’s Memorial Service and any that did not have a relationship with the Lord heard the Gospel and had the opportunity to come to Jesus.

Tuesday night Praise and Worship, mini mid-week church is touching lives of some that will not go into a church service for one reason or another. They are inviting Jesus into their heart and even receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. And they are also finding a friendly place with loving fellowship.

Many people are becoming aware of ways to do “Random Acts of Kindness” and blessing other people. It is very simple and has many forms that touch people in a special way. May I encourage you to try it, you will love it and make someone very happy.

In the first five months of 2018 we have reached 5,150 lives thanks to your prayers and support. Thank you, for helping make all this possible. May God richly bless each one of you!

April 2018  - God's Miracle for Me

During the month of April Enter In Ministries touched 1,083 lives and brought Salvation, Healing and Encouragement to them.

Started off with Easter, Resurrection Sunday. This day is celebrated as Life Giving for right now, and for eternity to us who will Believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and all the Promises in the Word of God.

Our Tuesday night Group enjoyed a PowerPoint presentation with the Easter songs and hymns to celebrate and partake in Communion; as our Lord instructs us to do, “Do this in Remembrance of Me/Him.” You can see this on You Tube. Go to "Linda J McKnight" and Subscribe to it or you will get a whole bunch of stuff that is not me or Enter In Ministries. It is red and black with 3 crosses and says “Entering into Praise and Worship” Rev. Linda J McKnight, Enter In Ministries.

Easter is always a fun time in the Assisted Living Facilities as they have never heard the Easter Story with their favorite songs in with the scriptures. Check it out!

Countryside Christian Church presented a Musical Drama depicting Peter’s version of His life following the Lord Jesus. “The Rock and the Rabbi” I had the privilege of ushering at the service. Gary Richardson & Danny Hamilton wrote it and you can find it on You Tube. The Musical instruments are very unique. I worked with Gary at Worship TV 20 some years ago. It was a nightly Christian music videos program, with us Prayer Partners available to pray for people, if they called us from all over the country. It is no longer available.

Feeding and ministering to the homeless at SAFE HARBOR shelter in Clearwater is always a great outreach. I give the gospel in all 5 areas, and then share a short bible study with songs in the central area. Many are very willing to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior and they do desire a New Life that only a relationship with our Lord can provide. There are a lot of very nice people there that have gone through very devastating times and had no place to go or no people to help them. Please pray for them.

Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Home-bound and Hospice visits are many each month and Jesus shows up to meet their needs.

MIRACLE - I had lost my $300 cars key one day and could not find them anywhere. Fortunately I had a second set and I figured I had just misplaced them somewhere in the house. The following day I had been raking in the yard and completely fill a huge dumpster full of leaves and twigs from the lawn. When it gets to the top I get my step ladder out and climb inside and stomp the leaves down so I can get more leaves in there. Well to my shock my car alarm went off, so I went in and grabbed the 2nd set of keys and shut it off. Then went back outside and climbed into the dumpster again to finish my job and again the car alarm went on. Then it dawned on me… they must be in there… so I had to dig almost to the bottom and Praise God there was my 1st set that was missing with 3 more keys on the ring. God is SO FAITHFUL. That would have been very costly. Thank you, Jesus. If I hadn’t found them they would have wound up at the dump the next morning. Not Nice! ! !

The total for people reached in the first 4 months of 2018 is 4,111 lives.

MARCH 2018         Wow!

God truly poured out His blessings on us this month. We ministered to 1,096 people of all ages.

Small Group is going well. We celebrated Sergio’s birthday, and we even had a mini Doberman pincher join in with the Bible study. Lots of prayers have been answered. A precious lady friend that I ministered to 2 years ago came from Plant City to join us on a Tuesday night.

Twenty wonderful volunteers from “Paint Your Heart Out Safety Harbor” came and painted my house, raked the whole yard, laid pavers for a sidewalk, painted my pool deck and the rail around the pool, planted some plants and even vacuumed my above the ground swimming pool. They did a marvelous job! It looks so beautiful! Even our mayor, Joe Ayoub, came to help. I am so grateful to all these folks for their help. What a blessing!

I’ve had a fun time in the Assisted Living places singing all the old Irish Songs for St. Patrick’s Day, and they loved the crazy hats. One even danced the Irish Jig to the Irish Washerwoman.

Countryside Christian Church had “The Rock and The Rabbi” production by Gary Richardson on Good Friday night. It was the Easter Story from the disciple Simon Peter’s point of view. The music was all original with an accordion, a bagpipe, a banjo, a guitar and bass guitar, and all kinds of percussion, bells, and chimes for sound effects. The story was scripturally sound. I enjoyed serving as an usher for the evening.

During the Tuesday Praise & Worship before Easter, Enter In Ministries did a PowerPoint presentation of the Easter Story with the older, favorite hymns and choruses. We had a house full that night. Everyone sang along with the songs on the screen. You can see this on my “YouTube channel,” “Linda J McKnight,” (Look for the picture of the 3 Crosses with red background and Entering into Praise and Worship.) It is titled “The Easter Songs.” Sing along with it and enjoy the story and background scenery. My daughter, Marilyn, did a great job putting it all together.

I did the Easter Story in the Assisted Living places, too, and they really enjoyed singing the old hymns. I also made several Hospital, Shut ins, Hospice and ICU visits and prayed with them.

Thank you very much for praying and financially supporting Enter Into Ministries, Inc. Without your help we would not be able to reach as many souls, 3,023 in 3 months. Our address is: 2150 Morningside Dr. Safety Harbor, FL 34695. Please contact me if you or a loved one is in need of prayer. 727-726-2467


Lots of good things are happening.

Enter In Ministries affected the lives of 1,017 people all ages, all walks of life and in many different locations. 
In Inverness, FL we celebrated my dear friend and sister in the Lord for over 43 years on her 94th birthday. She and I did many Chalk Talks together in several local churches. She would tell the Bible Story and while she was drawing the picture I played the guitar and sang Christian songs. My husband made a “black light box” to fit on top of her easel, which put a whole new touch to the picture.
Countryside Christian Center highlights all the small community groups that meet each quarter and their locations. Our group meets at my house in Safety Harbor EVERY TUESDAY night with Praise and Worship, a short message and close with a time of prayer for each other. Everyone is welcome. Come and see.
Assisted Living Facilities were so much fun singing love song and reminiscing back to the good old days. It is amazing how they remember the words and love to sing along.
The Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter is very interesting. There are some very fine people there that have experienced a disaster of some kind and became financially unable to pay their bill and had no one to help them. We minister the Word and give alter call in each of the 5 areas. After dinner we have a short bible study to encourage them. We are not allowed to take photos of the people living there.
My dear friend and sister in the Lord is an Ordained & Licensed Certified Christian Counselor and I serve on her board. We met for a board meeting for Amazing Transformations Inc. and then enjoyed a meal together.
Hospital and emergency visits were many and uplifting, receiving healing and Hope in Christ. Again we are not allowed to take photos in there.
God is doing great and mighty things. Telephone calls for prayer come in daily from all over. God hears and answers our prayers. We thank you Lord Jesus! And thank you for your prayers and financial support. Lord Bless all of you.

My house at Christmas

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  January 2018

     Enter In Ministries touched 915 lives this month with love, joy, peace and hope for their future with the love of Jesus. 
     The year started out with a really neat New Year’s Eve party with 30 some Christians from several different churches ringing in the New Year. It is so good when brethren can dwell together in unity. The food was wonderful and we had a time of Praise and Worship to our Lord. We met together in a lovely Spirit-filled home in Oldsmar, FL.
     Tuesday Praise and Worship mid-week church gathering at my house is always an uplifting time focusing on what a mighty God we serve. The Word of God brings comfort and hope for tomorrow. We share our victories and struggles and pray for each another.  Victorious Living Church in Dunedin asked me to help lead and play the piano for their Wednesday Night worship, and we touched the throne room with adoration and the presence of the Lord was awesome.
     Pastor Hal is improving every day and regaining his strength. His strength is coming back, and they are even going out to restaurants to eat and celebrate new accomplishments regularly. We never give up and we continue to “Fight the Good fight of Faith until we win!” Total victory is coming! 
     Ministering to the elderly in the ALFs is exciting when they clap their hands and sing along with a big grin on their face. It is amazing how many remember all the words.
     We provided some jackets and blankets along with the Word of God to the homeless at Safe Harbor in Clearwater.  Eighty-six people prayed to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts.
     I’m back to teaching music now and enjoying seeing the students progressing and enjoying playing music. 
     Prayers are always available to everyone, anywhere, and several people have received salvation and healing in their minds and bodies.  I was also blessed to comfort 2 families who ushered their loved one into heaven’s gates.
     Thank you very much for praying for and financially supporting Enter Into Ministries Inc. Without your help we would not be able to reach as many souls. Please contact me if you or a loved one is in need of prayer. 
Blessings, Linda

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